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Embrace Berwyn.

The Embrace Berwyn campaign came about because I'd lived in Berwyn for 10 years and was surprised as I listened to residents and neighbors talk about Berwyn and its leaders with some cynicism. Perhaps was Berwyn is home to many teachers, thought leaders, and artists who express elsewhere, and not in town.

My desire was to hold a space and offer an invitation for that talent and leadership to refocus itself on the homefront in the mission of making Berwyn an even better place to live. The city government, our teachers and artists who already have Embraced Berwyn needed our support to continue moving the town forward. The campaign honored their contributions. 

Some of our past Embrace Berwyn! projects. . .


Because peace is a local concern first, our primary ambition is to uplift the community that we are in. We started with awareness building with coffee mugs and t-shirts. 
doves t shirtWe sponsored a t-shirt design competition and gave away prize money to the top three winners. Our attention then moved toward showcasing works of Berwyn artisans, hearing the ideas of Berwyn based teachers and speakers, and raising awareness for decreasing violence in Berwyn, one person at a time.   
IMPACT: The campaign engaged 3,500 Berwynites in programs that encouraged visible practices of tolerance and compassion in the community, such as the Peace in the Park mandala tile program, neighborhood peace walks, Earth Day programs, and the Passport to Art Gallery walk, which in turn touched at least one other person to “catch the fire”. That’s 7,000 people over three years tuned in to making Berwyn a wonderful place to live.


peace mandala in the park


Berwynites gathered around as
artist Jay McCormick facilitated
building the Peace Mandala


T-shirts, coffee mugs and other gift items for the campaign were created and sold in The Peace Center gift shop. Get your Embrace Berwyn gift item here!




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