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Facing the Dragon

Scheduled upon request

Part I - 2 hours

Part II -2 hours

Part III - 2+ hours includes Movie and discussion "Religulous"

Have you ever wondered if you are operating out of divine inspiration or ego?

How would you know?

  • Do you secretly hope your spiritual path will lead you to the ring of power?
  • Do you suffer from approval addiction?
  • Is religion your drug of choice?
  • Are you constantly finding yourself on the battlefield of spiritual warfare--and getting real tired of it?
  • Is your communication style sugar-coated with extra civility and caring language, so you can exhibit how compassionate and spiritual you are?
  • When you read an inspirational book or sit in meditation, do you get carried away with "How can I use this?"

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Based on the book "Facing the Dragon" by Robert Moore, this three part mini-course deepens the themes set forth in earlier discussions of The Shadow Effect. The class will focus on the shadow known as the Spiritualized Ego. While the class of special interest to religious educators, clergy and spiritual leadership, it applies to all who want to remain true to the spiritual path, or greater good. Moore is a Jungian psychologist and theologian and uses myth, archetypes and spiritual psychology to create a compelling case for conscious healing of this destructive trait. 

Margo Ruark facilitates.

Advance registration $100 for all three sessions/$35 each at the door.

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