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Meditation 101: Learn to Meditate

Science has proven that meditating actually restructures your brain and can train it to concentrate, feel greater compassion, cope with stress and more. That's great, but how do you do it? Is it hard? If I meditate in any certain way, am I going against my religion? How do you know if you've really "gotten" it? Meditation is a personal practice and one size does not fit all. If you are having difficulties, perhaps you haven't found a technique that suits you. What you need is a sampler of techniques to try on for size!

Join us for a meditation sampler series. You will be shown different techniques by Peace Center Staff. Students may bring pillows, blankets, mats or whatever else they would like for comfort. All classes are taught as mental exercises that have shown to be beneficial to the individual regardless of religious persuasion (or lack thereof).

Tuition: $100 for the series.


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The Vertical Drop

meditation stoneAfter a brief introduction to the series, Margo will lead the group to "begin at the beginning, with using our breath to find our meditation starting place. After practicing some breathing techniques used by the mystics throughout the ages, we will allow our breathing to take that vertical drop to the deeper spaces of consciousness, known as "The Silence."


Guided Imagery

doorA guided meditation is when your imagination is lead on a particular journey with the purpose of achieving healing and realizations through purposeful contemplation and reflection. The idea is to let go of any thought you may have and allow your subconscious mind to follow the words that are spoken. Many people prefer guided meditation over self-directed practices. Learn a step by step introduction to this powerful practice.

Nature and Walking meditation (weather permitting) 

thichViolent children became amazingly peaceful and centered after practicing these techniques on a nature walk. You can too. Weather permitting we will practice our techniques on the flower gardens of the neighborhood. Also this evening we will present the peace walk technique as taught by Thich Nhat Han.

Movement Meditation

dancersFor those who are tired of "sitting around and doing nothing" in their meditation, try some estatic dancing and move rhythmically into blissful states of awareness! Wear loose clothing and bring water. 





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