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  The Peace Donor's Journal Edited by Margo Ruark

Completely revised and updated!

Price: $9.49 paperback

Keep this book with you. Let it be a collection of unique reminders to the part of you knows it is forever connected to the source of all Peace! And let it offer strength to the part of you that knows it is part of birthing a New Peace Movement!  

Ebook: $8.99 Click here!


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Here's Peace! by Lawrence J. Toliver

Here's Peace! is a game changing invitation for peace loving people everywhere. It broadcasts the power of collective meditation to amplify peace. It establishes a roadmap for those who want to sustain themselves as they lend their life energies to magnifying the presence of peace globally.

Hard copy: $7.95

Kindle: $2.99


The Troward Reader: The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science  
by Michael Maurice Gerdes

If you like the Transcendentalists, you will LOVE The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science which was emerging the same time the new field of quantum science was arriving on the scene. This home study volume shows how the early thinkers in the field articulated the Laws by which consciousness creates.  

Hard copy $19.95

Download e-book $9.00



self reliance


The Emerson Reader: The Over-Soul by Michael M. Gerdes, 2010 Edition

The Emerson Reader: Self-Reliance by Michael Maurice Gerdes, 2010 Edition

Michael M. Gerdes' home study guides to Emerson's classic essays helps us understand how these cornerstones of American literature impacted a new school of philosophy. With Emerson's essay on one side and engaging study questions on the other side of the layout, students are drawn into a deeper discovery of not only Emerson, but of themselves, and the deeper undercurrents of American thought.

 Price for each reader is

$10 hard copy

$9 download



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