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Positive Thinking

"Change your thinking - change your life!"

Positive thinking can aid in stress management and even plays an important role in your overall health and well-being. It will help you decide the answer to life's most important question, as Einstein saw it: Do you live in a friendly universe or a hostile one?

Read more about the benefits of Positive Thinking on health and well being here.

Positive Thinking is a 100% American born and bred thought movement. We use ideas from 20th and 21st century positive thinkers, many of whom you will recognize from the popular press and media.

Our classes are offered through Skype and in traditional classroom formats in the Chicago area where interest exists.

Is there tuition for classes?

Yes. Our classes require a commitment of both time and money. The truth is, little can be achieved without commitment. It creates an expectancy of change which is very valuable. Tuition is typically $125 for 8 weeks of classes - each class is between 1.5 and 2 hours each. Textbooks are extra. Detailed information is provided in the syllabus the first meeting of the class.

Do you have at least five people interested in forming a class? Let's get one started!!!



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