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We need your help. The Peace Center and its mission won't take root because of a web site. It takes a community of committed supporters. It takes you.

So here are some ways you can support The Peace Center. . .  


1. Contribute Regularly

Contributing regularly isn’t just about giving something to us, it’s about giving something to yourself. It’s a peace practice as important as meditation, because you get to prove to yourself that what goes around comes around in a very real and meaningful way. And when we get that, life changes for us personally and very profoundly. All contributions and tithes to The Peace Center are tax deductible.



Weekly or Monthly Giving Options

2. Donate


Even people who love peace have bills to pay…. Your donations help us help The Peace Center. So we appreciate any donations, no matter the size. All donations are tax-deductible. Donate online here. 


Online donations through Pay Pal (credit cards, bank account transfers, etc.):

(Note: Pay Pal does take 2.9% of each transaction plus 30 cents. We mention this only because the transaction fees become a very high percentage of the total donation for small dollar amounts-for a $1 donation 33 cents goes to Pay Pal and we actually end up receiving only 66 cents. So as much as we want to encourage micro-donations, Pay Pal may not be the best vehicle. Try the Old School way…)



Old School Donations: 

Write a check and put it in the mail to:

The Peace Center
P O Box 98
Berwyn, IL 60402-0098
Make checks payable to The Peace Center.
All donations are tax deductible.


3.  Become a   member!   

Go ahead, make the pledge! Membership in the Center is a commitment to yourself about supporting your own path as peacemaker, and it will help get you out helping others do the same. 


4.  Show up - Get Involved - Join the conversation

  • Come to one of our events. Yes, occasionally we still have them.  
  • Join our mailing list to get reminders in your email box. 
  • Share your thoughts - send us an email.  Let us know what interests you and your friends.  If there are 3 or more of you, we can start a class  
  • Follow us on one of our social networks share your comments, and insights.   

5.  Other ways to support us: 

There are many ways you can give to the Peace Center.

  • Donate frequent flyer miles for travel to conferences.
  • Donate a scholarship to an event for someone who is going through a rough time. 

6.  Last but not least....Use your mind power!

Nothing happens without Mind Power. So equal to your direct involvement and monetary support - we need your positive intentions, goodwill, good vibes, support:

  • Know that we communicate a message of peace clearly, creatively and effectively. 
  • Affirm success and wise decision making for our leaders and for us, the planet, and all people. 
  • Know all you can for peace; live it, be it! 
  • Envision more people finding The Peace Center a beacon of light in their lives. 
  • Affirm the ongoing success and growth of The Peace Center  and Peace Centers everywhere!





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Donate with confidence! The Center for the New Humanity DBA The Peace Center is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible!