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Coaching for Artists and activists

Get Up! Coaching With Margo Ruark

Margo Ruark's Coaching specializes in helping artists and activists who have fallen down to get back up again. Members of the clergy, healers, and anyone who wants to rekindle their passion for making a difference may also benefit.

I get it. You were blind-sided, had the rug pulled out, never saw it coming...or you hit the wall full speed...

How you fell doesn't matter. What matters is you want to get up and get back to making the world a better place!

I was once where you are, fallen paralyzed like a deer in the headlights. There is a way out that requires faith and persistence. I know the way out.

Are you willing to take the first step out?

Topics include:

  • Self-esteem and self-appreciation
  • Overcoming the inner critic
  • Coming to terms with shame, regret and forgiveness
  • Online reputation management
  • Reinvention as an artist
  • Identifying the artistic U-Turn

I invite you to a series of three introductory coaching sessions. In these three introductory sessions, you will discover:

  • what may have made you "accident prone" in the first place;
  • the red flags you may have dismissed;
  • how to begin picking yourself up and putting the pieces back together.

Send your registration request or questions in an email to Peacemaker@thepeacecenter.info