Coaching for Artists and Healers

Get Up! Coaching With Margo Ruark

Margo Ruark's Coaching specializes in helping artists who have fallen down to get back up again. 

I get it. You were blind-sided, had the rug pulled out, never saw it coming...

You were taken down, or you hit the wall full speed...

You tripped and fell down, you were pushed down... it does not matter.

What matters is you want to get up! And you are having some trouble doing it alone. But how many years can a person stand there like a deer in the headlights?

Is this you?

I was once where you are paralyzed by disbelief like a deer in the headlights - for 20 years! There is a way out that requires faith and persistence. I know the way out. Are you willing to take the first step out of the line of the oncoming headlights?

Shame is a great barrier to getting help, but missing a career that you love, being able to create and be productive, being the contributor you want to be or being torn apart from your loved ones or perhaps your livelihood makes it worse! Not being able to act on your own behalf because of some mysterious paralysis is terrifying!!

Topics include:

  • Self-esteem and self-appreciation
  • Overcoming the inner critic
  • Coming to terms with regret and forgiveness
  • Online reputation management
  • Reinventing oneself as an artist
  • Identifying the artistic U-Turn

I invite you to a series of three introductory coaching sessions. In these three introductory sessions, you will discover:

  • what may have made you "accident prone" in the first place;
  • the red flags you may have dismissed because you did not want to believe what was actually taking place;
  • why artists are especially susceptible;
  • how to begin picking yourself up and putting the pieces back together.

Send a registration request for your three introductory sessions. After your payment is received, you will receive an email, requesting your Skype user ID. A Skype Invitation will be sent to you to schedule your sessions (on Skype). You must have a Skype account to schedule these sessions. If Skype video is not available, Skype audio only will be used.

The cost for all three session package is $97. Each session is  30 minutes. 

Send your registration request or questions in an email to