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The Peace Center Store exists today only in virtual reality (online). We still continue to offer inspirational books published by Peace Center Publishing to infuse your mind with peace and unity. Browse our Amazon Storefront for your other favorite new and used book titles!


See our Lulu Bookstore of original publications by The Peace Center faculty.

Embrace Berwyn!


The Embrace Berwyn campaign came about because I'd lived in Berwyn for 10 years and was surprised as I listened to residents and neighbors talk about Berwyn and its leaders with some cynicism. Perhaps was Berwyn is home to many teachers, thought leaders, and artists who express elsewhere, and not in town.

My desire was to hold a space and offer an invitation for that talent and leadership to refocus itself on the homefront in the mission of making Berwyn an even better place to live. The city government, our teachers and artists who already have Embraced Berwyn needed our support to continue moving the town forward. The campaign honored their contributions. 

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Unique designs by Pretty PEACE Pairings


Unique, earrings designed with PEACE as the primary inspiration can be found at Pretty PEACE Pairings on Facebook, and on Etsy. Beautiful dangling earrings are made with glass, pearls, acrylic, stones and wooden beads are hand crafted and personally designed by Sharon Mosley Wright. Click on the links to see dozens of beautiful designs!



Peace Teez original designs by Imagine This Creative Concepts



Peace themed TEEZ to uplift and amplify more good thoughts and PEACE consciousness.

 "People of peace turn toward each other, not on each other." Click here for product & ordering info.

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#WhereUR - Be Peace

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